PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) with Patch 19 Update

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)
PUBG on PC has become another revive that adds dynamic atmosphere to its maps, gets some fixes to the packaging rate, and in a perfect world will ensure that there's less slack while playing the redirection. Named as PUBG settle 19, it moreover brings an extensive gathering of individual fulfillment fixes, for instance, a revived UI that makes part ammo less requesting and the ability to place markers in the guide. The PUBG settle 19 download measure is 9GB and is open right now on the beguilement's test servers.
Specialist PUBG Corp cases to have improved edge rate by streamlining weapons not held close by despite updated level spouting, smoke impacts, and furthermore settling an issue when diagram rate crashes when environmental effects were made. Likewise, sort out code has been changed to mull over better server execution, that could provoke less slack. Moreover new to the preoccupation is extremity invasion that would ensure headshots aren't impeded by an arm in front of the goal's head. Dynamic atmosphere contemplates particular conditions on Orange and Miramar maps, for instance, overcast and sunset.


Shot passage structure is directly associated with arms and hands. Exactly when a shot hits the arm/hand of the character, it will enter following its ballistic curve. Right when a shot enters an arm/hand and strikes a more vulnerable body part behind it, the more noticeable mischief will be associated. Toward the day's end, if a player's arm/hand takes a slug while thwarting their head, the full headshot damage will be associated. This passage structure works for the head, center, and guts figuratively speaking. If a shot invades the arm/hand, anyway no weak body part is behind it, simply the arm/hand damage will be associated. Arm/hand invasion is disabled for shotguns. Slug entrance isn't associated with legs. While leaving vehicles while crushing the run key, run by and by stays secured. Thusly you won't have to release and press the catch again to start running. If an associate isolate, yet is up 'til now alive in preoccupation, diverse accomplices couldn't see the beguilement adjust (result) screen after each other accomplice passed on. By and by players can check to pay little mind to whether there are isolated players in their gathering.
In case a segregated associate reconnects the redirection, and culmination the entertainment with a better result, accomplices will get any additional prizes earned by that player. To dodge misuse, diverse accomplices can't see the Deathcam until all players, including the isolates player, have passed on.


  1. Stacking screen, crusade subject, and door music have come back to conventional. 
  2. In-delight PGI promotions and gathering logo shower painting have been cleared.


  • Dynamic climate has been added to Orange and Miramar. 
  • Evangel: Overcast. 
  • Miramar: Overcast, Sunset. 
  • Shady setting wires dynamic environment and joins rain, duskiness, and whatnot amidst the distraction. 
  • Evangel has gotten a few redesigns. 
  • Little packages of houses have been added to two or three regions of Orange. 
  • More indispensable scenes have been fused close to the channel in Orange. 
  • Included trees in the open zone fusing the Sosnovka Military Base. 
  • Miramar eventually has more soil roads for better vehicle common sense. 
  • Certain high-slant sections of roads have been passed on down to update vehicle adequacy on Miramar. 

Custom match

  • Extra Custom Match presets have been fused. 
  • 1 Normal Mode Setting: Early Access Setting. 
  • Lvl 3 Helmets and dress conveys in the world. 
  • Thing makes are all the more exceptional. 
  • Blue Zone hurt is weaker. 
  • Stream skis don't make. 
  • 1 Esports Mode: Gamescom Invitational 2017 Setting. 
  • Same as the Early Access Setting, yet without the Red Zone and 1.5x AR convey. 
Precisely when the Overcast environment is picked while empowering a Custom Match, the running with awesome climate settings might be balanced in the Advanced decisions: Custom Match sessions are eventually recorded planned by the measure of players joined, rather than time made.


Redesigned bundling rate by pushing weapons not right by and by held close by.
Level spilling has been improved to collect execution.
Smoke and erupts from vehicles have been enhanced to overhaul graph rate.
Settled an issue where plot rate hitches would happen when condition impacts were made.
Server execution has been enhanced by altering the replication rate.
As of now, replication for each conspicuous character in find was enabled each edge. Before long, replication rate separates as appeared by apportioned from the player.
Structure code has been changed according to unimportantly expand server execution.
Diminished the inconsistency between the reason for the spectated player and the moving target being shot at.


Settled an issue where War Mode/esports mode replays were not spared suitably.
The replay framework has now been strengthened to a more leap forward casing and past replay reports can't be played anymore.

Bug fixes

  • Settled an issue where devastating entrances with explosives or Molotovs did not show squander. 
  • Settled an issue where some free-falling characters had each one of the stores of being secured default free-fall vitality. 
  • Settled an issue where putting off in replay did not stop the sounds. 
  • Settled an issue where a skillet and a gun could be held in the interim. 
  • Settled an issue where the breath measure did not show up in executioner spectating, defeat cam, or replay. 
  • Settled an issue where spectating in FPP exhibited stirred up character zones. 
  • Settled an issue where a player that had been segregated and reconnected could voice talk with the player he/she is spectating through executioner spectating if his/her social affair was disposed of while the player was disengaged. 
  • Settled an issue where inclining was conceivable while in a portable advancement. 
  • Settled an issue where two players moving in a little space could all finished back off out. 
  • Settled an issue where the vital screen message in bystander mode was showed up in English metaphorically. 
As shown by a report from SuperData, Fortnite overwhelms the support graphs. On PC in any case, it shows up PUBG has emerged in perspective of the stimulation being at an arrangement shockingly accomplishing 4.7 million new units sold. At any rate, the central worker on the PC outlines keeps being Riot Games' League of Legends.

"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gets a tremendous pound from Steam deal. PUBG sold 4.7 million units on PC in June, up overall from May and second to its peak month in October 2017. The change was supported by a lessened regard explanation behind $19.99 on Steam," the post from SuperData analyzes.
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