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How To Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of Website | Guide for Google SEO

In today's post, we will learn about how to do SEO of a website. For doing search engine optimization of a website you to follow some simple steps which I am going to tell you in today's post.

How To Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of Website | Guide for Google SEO
How To Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of Website | Guide for Google SEO

1. Add Proper Description to Your Website

Use of proper description is very necessary for your website. You have to research for high ranking keywords for your website description. For example, if you making a website on tech news then you have to see which keywords are ranking on other popular tech news websites. Explore more and more high ranking keywords from Google Keyword Planner for your website and use them in the description of your website.

If you properly follow this method then see how your website search engine optimization increases suddenly.

2. SEO Friendly Website Design / Template

You have to choose a proper search engine optimization friendly website design or template for your website. There are many SEO friendly templates are available online you can download any of them of your choice. Search Engine Optimization Google friendly template also helps your website in ranking. My website template is also SEO friendly if you want this template then contact me I will provide you download link of this SEO friendly Template.

3. Use Of Meta Tag Description

Meta Tag Description is very necessary for a website ranking because search engines only read meta tags description coding for your website ranking. In Meta Tag Description you have to use high ranking keywords according to your website category. For finding high ranking keywords you have to use Google Keyword Planner.

4. Use Of Sitemap

For indexing of your website, you have to use Google Webmasters Tool for indexing of your posts into Google ranking. If you submit sitemap in Google Webmasters Tool then your newer posts will automatically get indexed in google ranking.

5. Use Of Robots Header Tags

Robots Header Tags are also necessary for indexing your website posts in Google Webmaster Tool. You have to use proper plugins for indexing. If you are unable to get how to use proper plugins then comment down I will help You.

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