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Royal Enfield Interceptor Review, Price and Performance

Interceptor is a British motorcycle made by Royal Enfield between 1960 and 1970. The company was launched in 1960 the first Iterceptor 692 cc engine and in 1962, the company rolled out 750 interceptors, in which 736 cc twin cylinder engine was given. Interceptor travels with this engine for nearly eight years, and in 1970 it had to stop production. Nearly 47 years later, in 2017, in the year 2018, Royal Enfield introduced its 648 cc interceptor in the new style to the world again in the EICMA in Milan, and then started launching it globally in 2018. Now after the US and Europe, Royal Enfield has launched the RE Interceptor, which is eagerly waiting in India. Gadgetsintro Auto got a chance to run this bike in Goa and what we think about this bike is going to tell you in this first ride review.

Royal Enfield Interceptor Review, Price and Performance
Royal Enfield Interceptor Review, Price and Performance

Royal Enfield Interceptor Design

The interceptor is a simple, retro-cool roadster bike and it seems quite attractive to look. The fuel tank given to 13.7 liters comes with simple lines and has an attractive RE logo attached to it. Chrome’s finishing and twin-pod analog instrument on handlar makes Cluster Rider a great and classic look.

Flat seats and old-school belt-type taillights in the ececerceptors look much more classic, and when it runs on the roads, people do not get noticed by this bike. Most notably, the company has done great work in its design and style with a lower cost.
The company has used entirely new chassis in the interceptor, which has been developed in the company’s UK Technology Center. Cam covers, intake and throttle body covers and bright poles on the bottom are well polished. Exhaust has also been pretty chrome finishing.
The motorcycle is very well proportional and we like it very much like its angular adapters and brake lamps. 18-inch wheels are provided in the front and rear with the classic design, but the lack of it is that the tires are neither tubeless nor come with Radial. However, there is no need to panic because these tires are from Pirellis Phantom Sportscomp with high quality and sticks on the streets. People who like wide tires may not be happy with it, as they look at the Pulsar NS200, but we believe these tires provide a great riding experience.
Switchgear has also been given quite a bit in the RE interceptor with Fit and Finnish themes. Talk about Suspension, they give a very good response in the pace of thermometer. 41mm forks and dual-gas charged shock absorbers have been provided by Gabriel in the bike. At the same time, keeping the riding quality in the rear view, five preload settings are given, so that you can enjoy a comfortable ride on a long journey.
Dual exhaust pips on the bike give the bike a very aggressive look from front and back. This is also because they go from engines to backwards, which should be kept in mind when filtering during traffic jams. The most important thing is that small metal protectors have been given in the interceptor, which in turn prevent your knees from accidentally occurring on a hot engine, especially when your feet are on the ground.

Braking and safety in Royal Enfield Interceptor

As a break in the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, 320mm discs at the front of the Bybre and 240mm discs are provided in the rear. Dual-channel ABS is kept standard and no traction control or riding modes have been given in the bike. In South Goa, mountain areas where there is a one-way road, the interceptor feels safe enough to run during high speed.
ABS of the bike works quite well. We also stopped the bikes easily in fast speed on the rough and muddy streets of Goa’s Ghat section and it also feels safe on off-road riding. Apart from this, the side stand technology has also been provided in the interceptor as the safety means that if the bike has a stand stand and you start the bike in the early stitches and insert the gear, your bike will stop and it will not run until the side stand Remove it.

Performance during riding of Royal Enfield Interceptor

Royal Enfield Interceptor takes 6.28 seconds to catch the speed of 0 to 100 kmph, which is less than half a second from the KTM 390 Duke. On the open road you can run it at the top speed of 170 kmph. Most importantly, it does not show any kind of vibration and mechanical sign on such a speed. When you start the bike, the engine starts at below 1,500 rpm, but if you push the bike by putting a gear, it starts catching the torque at 2,000 rpm. The power of the bike has been supplemented between 4,000 and 6,000 rpm, in easy terms, you can get better power and torque experience between the rpm during the ride. Apart from this we have also run it above 7,000 rpm. However, this bike gives a better cruise riding experience at a speed of 100 kmph at 4,000 rpm and gives 120 kmph experience below 5,000rpm.
Riding above 7,000 rpm on open roads was the most fun of seeing the performance of this bike, because at that time you would not be able to stop yourself from running between 150 to 170 kmph and it happened to us as well. In the bike, the company has introduced a new 649 cc twin-cylinder engine, this engine generates 72bhp power at 7250rpm and 52Nm of torque at 5250rpm. The engine is equipped with 6-speed gearbox.
On the streets of Goa’s urban areas, this bike provided mileage of 23 kmpl. At the same time, this bike on the highway gives mileage of 26-27 kmpl. Apart from this, if we run the interceptor at speeds of 120 kmph or more, we get the lowest mileage of 20 kmpl. Overall the performance of the bike is tremendous and if you run it at a speed of 80 to 100 kmph, then it gives you a better ride experience with better mileage as well.
If we define the Royal Enfield Interceptor in one word, it will be called heartfelt. In it there are all such things with classic design and amazing engines that will easily be loved by them at once. That is, if you take a test ride once, then you can not think of buying it. We carried it around 200 kilometers on every kind of roads present in Goa, and turning around people during traffic, repeatedly looking at the interceptor and feeling proud in themselves while running it makes it clear that How soon have you started to love this.
If you want to buy a powerful bike like Harley-Davidson Street 750 and do not have your budget to buy this bike, then you now have an affordable price and the option of interceptor in Powerful 650 cc segment. Even if you do not find the latest technology such as Harley-Davidson and Modern Look, but we do confirm that Royal Enfield Interceptor will not let you down at such an affordable price.

Royal Enfield Interceptor Price (X Showroom)
  • Interceptor INT 650 Standard – 2,50,000
  • Price of Interceptor INT 650 custom – 2,57,500
  • Interceptor INT 650 Chrome – Rs. 2,70,000

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